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500k by 2025: Tackling Alabama’s Skills Gap

January 29, 2024

The clock is ticking.

Alabama faces a critical challenge – the job market is evolving rapidly, and Alabama does not have enough skilled workers to fill the industry’s labor needs and compete for new businesses. In fact, the demand for high-skilled employees in Alabama is on track to outpace the natural rate of growth by an increasing margin. This poses a significant threat to the state’s economic growth, technological acceleration, and national competitiveness.

(Data from Alabama Works! Success+: Preparing Alabama’s Workforce for Opportunity & Growth)

Governor Ivey’s Success Plus Plan

Governor Ivey recognized the urgency of addressing Alabama’s skills gap and tasked the Alabama Attainment Committee with developing a post-secondary attainment plan to ensure that Alabamians have access to in-demand career pathways leading to valuable, portable post-secondary degrees, certificates, and credentials.

Based on the recommendations from this subcommittee, Governor Ivey set an ambitious goal – to add 500,000 highly skilled individuals to Alabama’s workforce by 2025

Governor Ivey is working to align Alabama’s high schools, community colleges, and adult education programs to career pathways in high-demand fields. A July 2022 report reveals progress, with Alabama adding 214,922 credentials, showcasing a workforce gearing up for success. 


AMIIC’s Role

Bridging the Skills Gap

AMIIC stands as a cornerstone in the efforts to bridge Alabama’s skills gap. Dedicated to equipping the current and future workforce through its expansive network, AMIIC is contributing significantly to Governor Ivey’s vision through strategic initiatives.

  • Technical Education: Training Ready-to-Hire Practitioners

AMIIC is at the forefront of hands-on career skills training through Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs for high school students. These customized programs are designed to produce ready-to-hire practitioners, equipping students with practical skills essential for success in the advanced manufacturing sector.

  • Apprenticeships: Filling the Workforce Pipeline

AMIIC is playing a vital role in connecting emerging talent with industry needs. By doing so, they are actively filling the workforce pipeline, ensuring a seamless transition from education to employment for aspiring students.

  • Specialized Certifications: Upskilling the Current Workforce

AMIIC is contributing to the development and execution of modernized training that will create certified practitioners to meet the national security needs of the future. This involves collaborating with academia, industry, and government stakeholders to upskill mid to senior-level practitioners in the current workforce.


Transforming Alabama

Through practical initiatives like CTE programs, apprenticeships, and customized curricula, AMIIC, along with its partners, is actively shaping Alabama’s workforce for the future. Beyond filling jobs, AMIIC’s work contributes to the state’s economic resilience, fostering a skilled workforce that positions Alabama as a hub for innovation in defense, aerospace, and industrial trades.

We still have work to do, and only one year left to meet our goal. Together, we can empower Alabama’s existing and future workforce, solidifying the state as not just a regional powerhouse but also an invaluable national asset. 

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