Modernized Talent Center

Advanced Workforce Development in North Alabama

The Modernized Talent Center (MTC), powered by AMIIC, is a not-for-profit community resource provider located in North Alabama, the heart of research and development for the nation’s defense and aerospace sectors. The MTC collaborates with the Department of Defense (DoD), and its academic and industry partners, to fill urgent and future job skills gaps in support of defense digital transformation. This is accomplished by leveraging a national network of workforce development resources, including federal and state government, DoD, industry alliance partners, academia, and innovative small businesses. 

The vision of the MTC is to reduce the gap in U.S.based human capital by leveraging
existing programs to:

1) expose and educate current and future workforce, including underrepresented groups, to advanced manufacturing technology, enabling the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) to hire a highly qualified workforce.
2) develop and enhance the necessary skills of the current and future workforce, including underrepresented groups, so that the DIB can retain technical knowledge and expertise.
The MTC provides world-class talent development solutions in the following areas.
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