AMIIC’s Digital Engineering Design Center gives high school, undergraduate, and graduate-level students the opportunity to apply for part-time jobs that are highly relevant to their current or anticipated fields of study. The experience students will gain through these positions will better position them to be competitive applicants when searching for jobs upon graduation.

Digital Engineering Design Center

The manufacturing, engineering, and government contracting industries can take advantage of the center’s offerings by nominating and sponsoring important projects shaped to attract their specific talent bench. By leveraging the Digital Engineering Design Center, companies can begin working alongside talented students who could potentially become their future employees.

Core Goals of the Design Center:

Enrich student education through meaningful work.
Connect academics to the manufacturing industry pipeline.
Allow industry to sponsor projects that will recruit their ideal talent bench.
Give engineering and students in advanced manufacturing-related fields part-time work relevant to their field of study or interest.
To learn more about how to nominate a project to sponsor, email