AMIIC collaborates with manufacturers and contractors of all sizes to increase operating efficiencies and decrease overhead costs by assessing each part of the production process and presenting potential solutions. Our expertise is based on the collective knowledge of our NCDMM enabled National network of industry leaders, technologists, and project partners who have enabled over 20 years of successful advanced manufacturing solutions across the DoD and beyond. As with all of our projects, intellectual property always remains the sole property of our clients.

Manufacturing Assessments and Project Partnering

The AMIIC Team has extensive, in-depth knowledge of defense manufacturing to help our partners continually
innovate, improve, and advance manufacturing technologies and methodologies. Our team specializes in
identifying the needs, partners, technologies, and processes to attain optimal and unbiased solutions.

The manufacturing, engineering, and government contracting industries can take advantage of the center’s
offerings by nominating and sponsoring important projects shaped to attract their specific talent bench. By leveraging the Digital Engineering Design Center, companies can begin working alongside talented students who could potentially become their future employees.

To understand and effectively communicate manufacturing technology, from a maturity perspective, is best accomplished through the utilization of the Manufacturing Readiness Assessment (MRA) criteria developed by the Air Force Research Labs (AFRL). The MRA provides an objective and holistic perspective into the manufacturing process through an onsite assessment and ranking of the manufacturing technology in nine key areas:

Technology and Industrial Base
Cost and Funding
Process Capability and Control
Quality Management
Manufacturing Personnel
Manufacturing Management
Through the MRA assessment and ranking, the maturity of the manufacturing process
can be effectively understood and communicated to provide an objective method for the identification and mitigation of manufacturing risk.
Our team has extensive experience with conducting manufacturing and site
assessments. Drawing on past decades of manufacturing experience, energy
assessments, manufacturing process optimization, and training by the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) in Manufacturing Readiness Assessments (MRAs), DoD facility and subcontractor assessments have been conducted on tens of millions of square feet of manufacturing sites, and several fielded Air Force platforms.