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Workforce Development: Army Partners with Huntsville City Schools to Modernize Future Workforce

May 23, 2024


Closing the Education-Workforce Gap: Preparing Tomorrow’s Manufacturing Leaders.

Because the nation’s future success relies on a highly-skilled, technologically capable workforce, the next generation of workers must be prepared for the evolving needs of the manufacturing environment. However, a current gap exists between education and the workforce, hindering the industry’s ability to invest in the scientific and engineering skills of the future.


AMIIC Fuels Advanced Manufacturing Education for Tomorrow’s Leaders

With a clear eye on the establishment of a robust middle and high school level advanced manufacturing curriculum, AMIIC is supporting a U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Aviation & Missile Center and Huntsville City Schools’ Educational Partnership, which is designed to equip the next generation with advanced manufacturing skills that will support Army modernization priorities.

In this partnership, AMIIC provides valuable support that helps students in Huntsville City Schools’ career and technical education program build critically needed advanced manufacturing skills, further establishing North Alabama as a catalyst of workforce development and modernization efforts.


Expanding Educational Horizons: Advancements in Manufacturing Curriculum

Collaborative efforts added a curriculum focusing on the implementation of improved capabilities supporting polymer additive manufacturing, advanced machining, and robotics/automation. The program continues to grow with planned additions including metrology, digital engineering, modeling/simulation, advanced metal fabrication, and Industry 4.0 principles. 

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