Training Hub



To provide AdvM training to facilitate government and industry adoption, individual credentialling, and respond to evolving supply/demand of workforce pipeline.

Current Status

  • Learning management system activation pending AvMC contract award
  • SETA support contract SOWs identify early AdvM expertise needed
  • Prioritizing training
  • Establishing meetings to offer seats to PEOs, AvMC, AMCOM in return for financial early support and solicit high priority requirements
  • Identifying industry gaps for early on site training

Future Plans

  • Incorporate on site training
  • Incorporate AdvM policy implementation courses for gov’t self sustainment
  • Connect 2 and 4 year schools to augment, level up, and inform curriculum

Ways to Get Involved


  • Share your capabilities
  • Share your facility/equipment challenges


  • Share your critical skills gaps
  • Stay informed for training and certification roll-outs
  • Send employees for up-skill/re-skill


  • Leverage available training for government work force (all levels & job series)
  • Ensure support contracts have clear AdvM requirements in SOW
  • Direct and resource contract support to upskill