Project Based Work Storefront



To expanding local access to collegiate level AdvM applied engineering educational content, employer network exposure, provide industry project execution, and mechanism for informed direct hiring.

Current Status

  • UTEP on contract to assist AMIIC in stand-up and execution project-based learning capability
  • Mature curriculum built and deployed for multiple disciplines including hypersonic topics (vehicle design, materials, thermal management, semi-passive/passive/active cooling, etc) and digital design in applied projects
  • Short list of projects (and funding) to accompany early execution upon AMIIC opening

Future Plans

  • Active student recruitment for project workd
  • Active project solicitation from industry, government and academia

Ways to Get Involved


  • Connect to ensure our job openings reach your students


  • Sponsor projects
  • Provide mentors/program managers


  • Sponsor projects
  • Provide mentors/program managers