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Our Expertise

As a trusted, unbiased partner in manufacturing and workforce modernization, we establish partnerships with academia, industry, and government stakeholders to strengthen our nation’s workforce and develop advanced manufacturing technologies to modernize U.S. weapon systems. Driven by the National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM), AMIIC continues to build and grow on NCDMM’s long history of success in the industry.

Sailors from Southwest Regional Maintenance Center (SWRMC), watch as their Computer Aided Software (CAD) design is turned into a printed part using a Lulzbot TAZ 3D printer during Additive Manufacturing training. The course, taught by instructors from Naval Sea System Command, is specifically tailored to provide Sailors with the tools to become technical experts in the design and production of AM parts for use with 3D printers being installed on four Navy ships.
Empowering North Alabama’s Future

We embody the cutting-edge expertise of the National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM). Our focus lies in pioneering advanced manufacturing solutions, fostering strategic collaborations, seamlessly integrating technology, advancing workforce capabilities, and driving innovation as a local hub. We bring a wealth of national knowledge to North Alabama, tailoring our services to elevate local industries, accelerate technology adoption, and propel the region toward a future of manufacturing excellence.

Advanced Manufacturing Solutions

AMIIC is at the forefront of developing and implementing state-of-the-art manufacturing solutions. Our focus is on driving technological advancements that redefine manufacturing processes. Through continuous research and innovation, we strive to introduce cutting-edge technologies that enhance efficiency, optimize workflows, and contribute to the overall competitiveness of industries.

Strategic Collaboration and Innovation

Collaboration is ingrained in AMIIC’s approach to innovation. We actively seek and foster strategic collaborations among industry leaders, academia, and businesses. By creating a collaborative ecosystem, we accelerate the pace of innovation and technology adoption. This area of focus is about bringing diverse expertise together to solve complex challenges, share insights, and collectively drive the manufacturing industry in the North Alabama area forward.

Workforce Development and Skills Advancement

AMIIC recognizes that a skilled and adaptable workforce is the backbone of a thriving manufacturing sector. Our commitment to workforce development involves designing and implementing targeted programs that enhance the skills of individuals within the manufacturing community. Through training initiatives, educational partnerships, and skill-building programs, we aim to empower the workforce with the knowledge and capabilities needed to excel in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

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