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Manufacturing Training: Aviation and Missile Command (AvMC) Workforce

May 21, 2024


The U.S. Army’s Workforce Challenge: Meeting Aviation & Missile Weapon System Customer Needs.

The U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC) is focused on strategically developing its workforce but lacks the required Advanced Manufacturing knowledge and skill to do so. The CCDC Aviation and Missile Command (AvMC) must equip its engineers with Advanced Manufacturing practices to address Aviation and Missile Weapon System customer needs in development, production, and sustainment.


AvMC‘S Advanced Manufacturing Boot Camps: Partnering with AMIIC to Upskill Engineers

AMIIC has partnered with Drake State Community College in Huntsville, Alabama to conduct week-long advanced manufacturing boot camps for AvMC engineers, providing them with the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve program objectives and effectively support U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Weapon System lifecycle development and acquisition. This effort includes multiple sessions of in-person and online training and provides real-time experience for members of the AvMC workforce.


AMIIC’s collaborative partnerships are enforcing North Alabama’s manufacturing readiness and meeting the Federal Government’s urgent need for a strong Advanced Manufacturing workforce.

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