Digital Engineering Design Center

In our market and across the Nation, there is a great need for industry-ready, highly skilled students to enter the workforce. AMIIC’s Digital Engineering Design Center exists to enrich students’ education through meaningful work that is relevant to their field of study. The industry is invited to nominate important projects shaped to attract their specific talent bench.

Manufacturing Assessments

While AMIIC is not a production facility, our deep bench of expertise allows us to conduct highly-focused manufacturability assessments, technical data development, and prototyping to enable the best possible production outcomes for products early in their lifecycle or established production lines to take advantage of current and best in field technological solutions. Client partners can shape project objectives whether reducing production time, scaling, decreasing fallout or finding alternative materials or methods for weight reduction or performance considerations.

Prototyping & Demonstration

AMIIC has access to the equipment and advanced manufacturing expertise to help companies prototype and demonstrate alternative production methods and processes. We have the technology to help you figure out the best way to optimize our manufacturing processes based on your production goals or performance requirements.